Sustainability Workshops

Strategic Planning for the Future

Utilizing the business world’s most trusted goal setting tool, a SWOT analysis, this workshop will help schools identify their most important issues, set goals and create a strategic plans with action steps built to address each issue. This part of the process of change is often over looked. Make sure your school has a clear plan of action and everyone is on board.


Getting Real: Bad to Good to Great

The good news is your school is no longer a Priority or SINI school. The bad news is the funding that accompanied that status is no longer available. So what do you do? Join us for a workshop that will help you understand and prepare for the new world order.


Grant Writing: The A to Z of Creating a Successful Proposal

This is a series of workshops that will introduce schools and CBO’s to the grant writing process from top to bottom; from the request for proposal to the scoring rubric, every component will be examined. These workshops are best done in a four part series.



Telling Your School’s Story: Marketing and Branding

In the world today, educational institutions are being asked to adapt to business models in their day-to-day operations. This workshop will show schools how to celebrate their schools successes and most importantly how to create marketing and branding campaigns that portray your school as an educational institution that is synonymous with success. Marketing and Branding is the first step in effective fundraising.


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A teacher, a preacher, a police officer and a private investigator...These elementary school kids from P.S. 156 will knock your socks off with their career knowledge, and convince you that they are the best for the job.

Special thanks to all of the teachers, administrators and faculty at P.S. 156 for making this video possible!