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Coach Close-Up with College and Career Connections Success Coach Matt Auffrey

August 19, 2015


“Growing up, my dad, younger brother and I all shared a common interest in automobiles. We would read magazines, listen to radio shows, visit various auctions. My family would visit manufacturing plants. Even just going on road trips together really built a bond between us that centered around automobiles, so it’s definitely been a significant part of my life for as long as I can remember.

A little over two years ago, I started working for my landlord, at his body shop, as a driver. While the work I did was centered around mainly just transportation and customer service, I learned a lot about the repair business, and its significance in our auto-centered society today.

My experience and my interest in the automotive field has helped me connect with a lot of my students at Alfred E. Smith High School. I facilitate the College Connections-1 program mostly in automotive shop classrooms during the students’ shop period, so it’s important that I’m able to help students make connections between the automotive field and college and career readiness.

Just sharing little tidbits about my knowledge, my experience, such as I’ve driven one of Mayor Giuliani’s vehicles while on the job, or I’ve driven a Porsche before, or that I’m familiar with driving a manual transmission – things like that really do a lot to help build rapport with the students.

Working at Smith and teaching College Connections has not only allowed me to learn a lot more about universities and higher education options within the tri-state area, for just general programs, but it has also helped me learn a lot more about automotive options within the automotive field and different degree programs and certificate programs, what’s available within the city, in New York state, and being able to share that with the students and really feed off their enthusiasm for not only automotive but higher education as well.”

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A teacher, a preacher, a police officer and a private investigator...These elementary school kids from P.S. 156 will knock your socks off with their career knowledge, and convince you that they are the best for the job.

Special thanks to all of the teachers, administrators and faculty at P.S. 156 for making this video possible!